I am the One Who Raves Hard.

Hi my name is Keri and my rave name is Karebear.
I smoked weed religiously.
My rave family is the best I love them very much.
I'm in love with Porter Robinson <3
When in doubt I spin poi. And yes they are Rasta Colored.
I love to roll and trip but to me it's more about the music than anything else.


The more holes you have, the less swiss cheese you have.

Therefore, the more swiss cheese you have, the less swiss cheese you have.


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Name one good thing a white people did.

Made Tumblr so you can bitch about how horrible a race of people are despite the fact that they can’t help being white anymore than a black or hispanic can.


Bobs Burgers is incredible when you’re high

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My puppys ears are standing up!!!!

My puppys ears are standing up!!!!


I know a lot of people play League of Legends, but I was curious how many tumblr people do.

reblog this if you do.

Invitation to an Area night club party. The capsule was placed in water and the invitation appeared. Area was open from 1983 to 1987.



I… I had a lil more fun making this than I anticipated… But what can I say? I’m just very passionate about anything Leona related. <:D Eheheh…

Imagine it taking place after Pantheon made his visit some time ago – Impeccable Entrance

ask-leona-radiant-dawn – Thank youuuu~ <3

AH MAH GAHD. Love these comics :D